As I sit down and think

I can’t help but think of you

The pain will never go away no matter what I drink

No substance will take the thought of you away

I know I must live my life

But it is hard to think that all will be okay

It is hard to say

but I know



Lies lies lies. 

Ever wonder what girls lie about. (This is nothing serious but just random crap. Xoxoxoxoxo) 
“I’m almost their”= Im really just waking up. 
“I’m on a diet”= I just don’t want to eat in front of you. 
“I will be ready in 15mins”= About 2hrs 
Nothing is wrong= I’m pissed leave me alone
I bought these shoes on sale= they cost me so much but don’t want to look like a freak saying the real price. 
I know where I’m going= we are lost 
I so can drink more then you= I so can not drink more then you so please stop. 
Im only having one glass of wine= I will drink the whole bottle but don’t want to sound like a drunk 
Your a bitch…no just kidding=Your a real bitch 
I’m 5’7= I’m really 5’3 
#Nofilter= You can’t tell I used a filter 


Cats cats cats. 

Now if your like me then you never really owned one. So what you thought they were actually like gets thrown out the window when you actually get one.
A feline is indeed a fascinating creature. Well I’m more of a dog person since they are very loyal and all that good stuff. But I was given a kitten who I just could not pass up. I love all animals actually. 
He is very cute but also hard headed. Trying to teach him not to jump on certain areas is actually harder then I thought. Plus side he uses the litter box and no accidents!!! 
But he does come to me and just likes to sit by my neck and purrs. Sometimes he headbuts me which I think is so adorable. But other times he can be a huge dick. When he wants to play its always going after my necklace I always wear so he bites my neck trying to catch it. 
I thought cats just usually hid but when I’m around he follows me like a little duck. The S/O finds this funny because the cat does not really find any interest in him. So an animal that was really suppose to be his turned into mine. 
As I’m typing this he is meowing at me to rub his little head. Damn spoiled kitten lol. So I guess in the end I do have a little cat person within me. 

That moment when you can chop the head off a coppersnake but the moment you see a spider upon the shovel you start screaming. Exactly what I did and to be honest running and jumping over things to just get away from a spider was the outcome of it all. My shovel is still way out in our yard but I am to scared to go get it now. 

Just another moment within my little life. 
Xoxoxoxoxo barbie

was only a few days ago when I seen your face. 

I know your in a better place but my heart cannot bare the pain. 

I’ll always miss you 

and the love I have for you will never fade.

I just wish it did not happen so soon.

You never know when it will be the last hug or goodbye. 


Now some people say the best sound is music. But for me I have to say a heartbeat. A baby’s heartbeat when the mother is expecting. It sounds like a galloping horse but its a sound that sure can but a smile upon a face. Its knowing the baby is alive and growing within you.

Such a special sound!!!

Ok I love Game of Thrones almost as much as Trueblood.

Well this video explains a lot in a short amount of time. Why she hates her husband, why she sleeps with her brother.

I know such a shocking story and its crazy how their relationship is one of the main ones.

I do not own this video and give all credit to the one who made it.